underlying problems

fateful decisions

Israel's government institutions suffer from gross inefficiency, lack of foresight, and widespread corruption. Fateful decisions are taken in the Knesset and Government on the basis of personal or partisan considerations. National resources find their way to those with suitable connections.

Our political scene reeks with belligerence, intrigue and fraud. Many of our leaders are incompetent, dishonest and unable to inspire confidence.

Ideological divisions are tearing our nation apart. Israel's opposing camps ignore the blight of corruption as long as this serves their own narrow interests.

Unfair distribution of our national resources increases the inequality and sense of discrimination among the helpless.

The undue power of the authorities generates a sense of impotence and a feeling that influence and pressure alone enable one to get on.

Our lifestyle suffers from serious flaws. Courtesy and common sense on the roads are rare. Our public debates and media reports are on a low level. Violence in the schools is increasing. Our television broadcasts are both noisy and vulgar. Our basic problems are in the cultural realm. Superficiality, rudeness and insincerity lower our respect for Israel, and diminish our children's willingness to continue living here.