laor shows the way

sweeping reforms

Our ailing society can only be cured by sweeping reforms. Israel needs a
professional, farsighted and honest administration serving proud, united and responsible citizens. This is not so simple. A strong government may turn the public into a mass of submissive and alienated citizens, whereas over-confident citizens may prevent the government from operating smoothly.

We therefore propose a system wherein citizens and government possess joint authority and responsibility.

The government will deal with matters it alone can address , e.g. defense , foreign policy , law and order , and the social and economic infrastructure.

Citizens will secure their family's livelihood , provide for their children's education , and determine their environment's cultural priorities. This may be beyond the solitary citizen's capacity. Our answer to this is the "Chevra Kehilatit" , a community of similarly disposed members , allowing the individual to operate with minimal government interference.